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Our SPECIALTY is working with organisations undergoing change:
Restructuring, Evolving, Implementing new technology, Merging, Undergoing external auditing, and Learning by experience

Our EXPERTISE ensures you achieve real solutions to business problems in ways that are designed specifically for:
Your culture, People, Technology, Budget, and Timeline

We do not leave the achievement of a successful outcome to chance. We use a quality methodology to assure it. By using this, we ensure thate every progject is clearly defined, well managed and delivered right first time.

Our on-going commitment to delivering effective quality content and learning is reflected in our ISO 9001 certification.

Below is a summary of our services:

Positive Change Management
We bring together human resource, information technology and communication skills. Combined,
they enable us to deliver best practice solutions that ensure change programmes deliver expected returns on investment. The benefits show in improved performance, reduced errors, increased productivity and enhanced staff and customer satisfaction. To make it happen, we:

• define change strategies and plans
• identify and mobilize stakeholders
• manage communication and engagement
• ensure business change readiness
• provide organisational change leadership
• capture change impacts on roles and processes
• define key learning needs
• use a quality and proven methodology
• manage delivery plans
• lead early life support
• evaluate and feedback on change effectiveness
Pragmatic Process Analysis
We work with businesses to break down business processes into steps, defining their attributes, measures, strengths and weaknesses. This provides a valuable baseline for continuous improvement and strategic change. The benefits show in rapidly implemented change and continuous performance enhancement. To make it happen, we:

• work with SMEs to understand day to day activities
• document process information using visual diagrams
• analyse existing process and operating models
• define and monitor process performance measures
• use principles of process excellence and related tools
• design business processes and business rules
• use a quality and proven methodology
Insightful Content and Knowledge
Our speciality is working with words to deliver real business value – understanding the audience and environment, capturing the voice of the organization, and writing the content for your specific resources. We successfully integrate your systems and people by delivering the right information, in the right way, to the right people, at the right time. The benefits show in improved performance, reduced errors, increased productivity and enhanced staff and customer satisfaction. To make it happen, we:

• capture your knowledge and skill
• develop and publish content
• deliver via self managing teams
• employ the best people in our industry
• use a quality and proven methodology
• identify what your people need to know
• design effective information solutions
• undertake usability testing
• deliver high quality information in all media

Engaging Learning and Education
Successful learning experiences equip your people to generate revenue, satisfy customers, contain costs and manage risk - i.e. meet your business goals. Our team of expert instructional designers, trainers and facilitators has a proven track record in the design, development and delivery of successful learning and education experiences. To make it happen, we:

• undertake thorough needs analysis
• provide competency based job design
• identify learning objectives
• use a Performance Support approach to deliver training that enables and supports your people
• employ instructional design, training and facilitation experts
• deliver solutions that are tailor-made to meet your requirements
• providing expertise in all publication media (including e- and m-learning)
• design and facilitate education events
• deliver training
• ensure user needs are met through usability testing and evaluation.
Reliable Business Acceptance
We specialise in assuring that the change enables day-to-day business and user scenarios. To do this we leverage our business / process analysis skills, combined with tenacious and analytical approach. The benefits show in reduced costs, reduced change requests, and great evaluation of success by stakeholders. To make it happen, we:

• analyse business requirements
• identify UAT scenarios
• manage define UAT plans and test cases
• identify and coordinate SME activity
• confirm business objects are met
Smart Business Analysis
We are agents for change. Our skillset enables us to identify and articulate the need for change and to facilitate change. We define solutions that will maximize the value delivered to stakeholders. The benefits show in realization of benefits, avoidance of cost, identification of new opportunities and ultimately improving the way you do business. To make it happen, we:

• capture current state
• diagnose opportunities for improvement
• define business requirements
• facilitate business impact workshops
• develop business cases and RFPs
• document process change impacts
• use process modeling tools
• provide the voice of the business in technology design